I can think of at least one thing FrameMaker can do with paragraph updates that 
I don't think is possible in Word; you can globally update multiple paragraph 
styles in one step:

(1) Create "Heading1" "Heading 2" "Heading3" next to each other
(2) Drag select through these 3 paragraphs, and Control-M to open Paragraph 
(3) Go to font level. Notice that there is no name displayed for the paragraph 
style and that some of the values are set to "As Is" (probably font size)
(4) Change the color to Blue and click on Update All
(5) FrameMaker will ask you if you'd like to apply only font changes to 
paragraphs in selected area
(6) Click OK, and you have just changed the catalog definition for 3 paragraphs 
in one step.

You can see a brief video demo of this at: http://adobe.ly/18ddZqI

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Here's a nice solution for that:

On 17-Sep-13 6:04 PM, Theresa de Valence wrote:
> Hi, this is possibly not the right place to ask this question, but ... 
> I have a lot of experience with Frame and very little experience with 
> MS Word.
> In Frame I can overwrite all paragraph format overrides with a click.
> Can this be done in Word?
> Thanks,
> Theresa

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