I began to wonder whether some programmatic file of FrameMaker had been 
corrupted.  Robert Lauriston suggested "refreshing" (my term) \ maker.ini.

So, I found a separately-saved version of my \ maker.ini and replaced the one 
that FrameMaker was using.

All is well again.

My hearty "¡Thanks!" to all who responded and offered suggestions and help.

Dave Stamm
Information Engineer

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Subject: Missing title bar, disappearing Application bar


Windows 7 Enterprise operating system, 64-bit, 8 GB RAM

FrameMaker, interface:  Structured

working with unstructured .book and its "children"

Help, please.

Within the last two weeks for no reason that I can determine, the behavior of 
FrameMaker's interface has changed such that:

   1.  The title bar no longer appears.

   2.  When I focus on a "child" file, the "Application bar" appears above the 
menu bar.

   3.  When I choose _anything_ in the .book window, the "Application bar" 
disappears.  This shifts everything up.

   4.  When I focus on a "child" file, the "Application bar" reappears above 
the menu bar.  This shifts everything down.

Seeing this oh, say, a hundred times a day is _very_ frustrating and a _lot_ of 
"visual load" that I don't want.

I want the interface to:

   1.  Display the title bar.

   1.  Not display the "Application bar."

   2.  Display the icons from the "Application bar" on the menu bar and to the 
right of the menu names.

¡I hope that one or more of you gurus will provide the solution soon!

Dave Stamm
Information Engineer


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