I have a paratag H1 Chapter with autonumber format "S:Chapter <n+>" and a 
corresponding paratag HA Appendix with autonumber format
"S:Appendix <A+> for appendices (without the quotation marks, of course). :) 
When I place several chapters and appendices, each of
which begins with this paratag, in a book and generate, the numbers don't 
update. The ToC (or whatever) generates fine in every
other respect, the text portion comes through, but the numbers do not update. 
Everything is "1". 


Coincidentally (or perhaps not), these are the same paratags that don't find 
their next paratag. 


Sigh . either I'm missing something very obvious, or something's rotten in 
Denmark. And I like Denmark! 


Best to all,



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