Thanks for this kind response, Tino.


I did not have Acrobat/Distiller on my system, so I had to install something.


I did try using Nitro PDF Pro 8, for which I have a full license, but it choked 
when I tried to print the whole book using its PDF printer driver. I suppose I 
could have tried others, but when I received Art’s suggestion, I just went with 
that, and it has worked out fine. 




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Subject: Re: TIME URGENT ... Missing Adobe PDF printer driver



the main question is if you still have Acrobat and Distiller installed on your 
computer or not.

I also have this problem: FM does not recognize the Distiller, but it 
nevertheless does in fact produce a ps-file, a ".tps"-file (which would 
normally handed over automatically to Distiller). 

I then just take this file and drag it on to the Distiller and have my PDF.

But if Acrobat has really vanished completely, you could use the FM 8 distiller 
plugin which is part of the FM installation DVD (maybe via the "repair" option, 
I am not sure).

Or: You could install any other PDF printer like Tiny PDF, PDF24 or whatever 
you like... Just check the Internet for something suitable.

Best regards -

Tino H. Haida


VLM TechSubs:

Aack! I’m at the end of this project, and I went to Save As PDF. Frame 8 (Win 7 
x64) reports that it cannot find the Adobe PDF printer driver. I know what 
happened … I had someone “helping me”, and that person “accidentally cleaned it 
up”. Needless to say, that person is no longer helping me! :)


Meanwhile … how can I get this driver back. Do I download a complete Frame 8 
installation and install over the one I have? (I do have the S/N, of course.) 
Or is there another, more direct solution?





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