As an FYI:

Some hyperlinks in FrameMaker documents do not seem to output with PDF 
generators like Nitro PDF and a few others that I have tested so far. Most are 
good in general though (of course, I am not sure why Nitro choked on your 

Anyway, so far, my tests show only Adobe Acrobat doing the “right thing” for 
the links, but I am planning on working with a company who makes a PDF writer – 
they have expressed interest to add this support. So, if you have links in your 
document, stick with Adobe Acrobat for now ...


P.S. Some LaTeX editors can create PDF with links. I particularly like 
TeXstudio (from All my new specs are now 
created as LaTeX files instead of FrameMaker, and this editor is generating 
excellent PDF output for them.

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Thanks for this kind response, Tino.

I did not have Acrobat/Distiller on my system, so I had to install something.

I did try using Nitro PDF Pro 8, for which I have a full license, but it choked 
when I tried to print the whole book using its PDF printer driver. I suppose I 
could have tried others, but when I received Art’s suggestion, I just went with 
that, and it has worked out fine.

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the main question is if you still have Acrobat and Distiller installed on your 
computer or not.

I also have this problem: FM does not recognize the Distiller, but it 
nevertheless does in fact produce a ps-file, a ".tps"-file (which would 
normally handed over automatically to Distiller).

I then just take this file and drag it on to the Distiller and have my PDF.

But if Acrobat has really vanished completely, you could use the FM 8 distiller 
plugin which is part of the FM installation DVD (maybe via the "repair" option, 
I am not sure).

Or: You could install any other PDF printer like Tiny PDF, PDF24 or whatever 
you like... Just check the Internet for something suitable.

Best regards -

Tino H. Haida

VLM TechSubs:
Aack! I’m at the end of this project, and I went to Save As PDF. Frame 8 (Win 7 
x64) reports that it cannot find the Adobe PDF printer driver. I know what 
happened … I had someone “helping me”, and that person “accidentally cleaned it 
up”. Needless to say, that person is no longer helping me! :)
Meanwhile … how can I get this driver back. Do I download a complete Frame 8 
installation and install over the one I have? (I do have the S/N, of course.) 
Or is there another, more direct solution?

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