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>I'm looking for a way to automate the pdf generation of 
>FM books (unstructured) in FM11. Use case: 6 books, each 
>in 24 languages to be printed to PDF once a day. Has anyone 
>such a script (ExtendScript) available or knows of a plugin 
>that performs it? Would be nice if the script will allow 
>additional modification like importing variable definitions etc.
>I'm not sure if FMBatch still exists and can work with FM11?
>any suggestion appreciated…..

Mif2Go will do that, using runfm.  We have quite a few
large enterprise customers using it in a nightly build
setup.  It will do both print to PDF and Save As PDF,
or both intermixed for different books if you want.
It's command line, so you just put the runfm commands 
in a normal .bat.  See the User's Guide, Chapter 36, 
"Converting via runfm".

Note that if all you want is PDF, not Word or HTML, the 
free demo version will work fine for you.  You do need
to do the full install, as it uses the Mif2Go plugin.

-- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
  <jer...@omsys.com>    http://mif2go.com/

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