Great suggestion, thanks Winfried. I have been working with all files open, 
because some have that font error message upon opening,
and I haven't taken time yet to fix that. And . as time goes by, I 
think/suspect increasingly that this problem has to do with
linking to empty target paragraphs. Ergo, my request for input on nonprinting 
characters I might use to trick FM into thinking that
those paras are not really empty. 

Thanks again!


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Hi Elchanan,


If FrameMaker cannot open the target file, this may cause

unresolved cross-references.

Could it be that you have a file in the book which is closed

and which triggers error messages when opened (e.g. missing



Does it make a difference, if you open all files of the book?


Best regards




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Subject: RE: FM 8: Xref markers keep breaking and re-breaking


Perhaps I should add that this just happened when I added an index to the book. 
The process called for a generate, which I did. And
now, lots of broken xrefs. I did change the index suffix, but I can't imagine 
that would cause the problem . would it?


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Subject: FM 8: Xref markers keep breaking and re-breaking




I put xref markers in throughout a book. These markers are simple xrefs to 
other chapters, nothing fancy. I generate the book, all
is well. After working for a while, I do another generate (sometimes with 
intervening generates that were fine), and all of a
sudden, lots of broken xrefs. I fix them all, generate, and all is well. 
Several generates later, poof! A large number of broken
xrefs again. 


Has anyone else encountered something like this? 






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