Hi group

Suppose you have a bunch of topics in a DITA map or in a folder in which
you want to replace specific conrefs with an element with text. For example:

<keyword conref="!conref_library.dita#topic_2m1_vgk_3h/keyword_kqg_drd_f3"/>

needs to be replaced with:



<keyword conref="!conref_library.dita#topic_2m1_vgk_3h/keyword_drf_tvd_f7"/>

needs to be replaced with:


I guess this can be automated with a Framescript or Extendscript which does
the following:

1. Collect all the conrefs in a DITA map or a folder.
2. Present the conrefs in some kind of list, for example a column in an
Excel spreadsheet.
3. In the second column, the user could then enter the text and elements
which need to replace the conref, for example:

cell A1 (find): <keyword
cell B1 (replace with): <keyword>XYZ</keyword>
cell A2: <keyword
cell B2: <keyword>ABC</keyword>

4. Apply this search/replace list to all topics in a given DITA map or

Any takers?


Yves Barbion

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