Thanks for responding so quickly, Jack. 


But, isn't the colon the standard FrameMaker subentry separator? At,
 docs say:


To create a subentry:

Separate the entry from the subentry with a colon (:). For example, to create 
the first subentry in the illustration, enter
Continental drift:fossil evidence

A subentry is always preceded by the entry to which it is subordinate. If you 
need two subentry levels, place a colon between the
subentry and the sub-subentry. For example, enter Continental drift:fossil 
evidence:dating of


How does what I'm doing differ from this? I have a whole bunch of these, and 
they are all failing. Could there be a problem with
putting two separate entries of such construction into a single index marker? 
Was never a problem in 5.5.6 (last version in which I
built a major index). 

I'm feeling VERY bewildered at the moment! :)


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Probably misunderstands your colon.


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I'm going in circles here. I have a marker of type Index with the content 
"America:Coinage Act of 1965". This appears in the index
as a line under "America", indented to the second level (correct so far), but 
with only a page number, no text. I copied and pasted
the marker content into the preceding line. I must be missing something, but I 
cannot figure out what. I have removed and recreated
the  marker from scratch, to no avail. Can someone see an error on my part here?





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