You can use the FrameMaker Fonts pod (View>Pods>Fonts) to identify and replace missing fonts in your templates.


On 10/23/13 2:04 PM, George, Brenda (CAI) wrote:

I have attached the images that I refer to in the email below.

*From:*George, Brenda (CAI)
*Sent:* Wednesday, October 23, 2013 1:58 PM
*Subject:* Structured FM 11 Font Replacement issue

I am attempting to import an xml feed into a Structured FrameMaker 11 template. This is an automated process. When I attempt to do this I am getting an error message that reads:

"Emph" element definition not found

and the xml feed is not processing. (See attachment for image of error message)

Prior to attempting to import this xml feed, I needed to replace 2 font families in the FM 11 template with newer versions of these fonts:
Imago Book

These have been replaced with Imago BQ and with Bembo Std.

I updated the old fonts in the FM 11 templates using Paragraph designer. After I did this, I am finding that I am getting a FrameMaker 11 console indicating that the old version of the fonts that I updated is not available and that a substitute font will be used. (Please refer to the attached image named "font_error_message".

If I open the FrameMaker template with the updated fonts, I am getting a message that reads:
Document named uses unavailable fonts.
To reformat the document using available  fonts, click OK

I replaced all of the old fonts in the paragraph designer, so I'm not sure why I am getting this message.

Is there a step in the process for replacing fonts in Structured FM 11 that I am missing?

Please note that there are 2 fonts that are missing from the set of fonts that I am using:
Zapfsdingbats and Courier.

Any help will be appreciated.


Brenda George


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