Background: My company recently purchased FM11 and after using FM7.2 forever, I'm now learning my way around FM11 one-day-at-a-time. I had created structured FM7.2 files and was working on round-tripping them to-XML-and-back several years ago, when we were "overtaken by events" and I never did get the XSLT stylesheets worked out.

Present: In opening my old FM7.2 structured files, I'm finding all the work I did on creating EDDs and other special files for XML pretty much obsolete or so it seems. (The structure dev guide was a huge help back then...) Is there a magic bullet or two that I can use to be able to re-use the 34-page EDD (lots of thought and work put into that way-back-when), or should I just start over from scratch and let FM11 do the heavy lifting that the marketing blurbs on it says it will do?

Any pitfalls I should be aware of? Advice? Books I should get? Is there a FM11 structure dev guide available? Any help or suggestions are welcome!

Cheryl Dwyer

Lead Tech Writer
Industrial Medium Software, Inc.
McLean, VA


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