Hi Yves,


You could do this with a script: Save each component as MIF and then combine 
them into a single MIF file. But the file wouldn't be "valid"; you wouldn't be 
able to open this MIF file with FrameMaker. What is the purpose for wanting to 
do this?


A workable approach would be to combine the contents of the book into a single, 
temporary FrameMaker file, then save this as MIF. It depends on what you are 
trying to accomplish. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. 
Thank you very much.




Rick Quatro

Carmen Publishing Inc.

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Subject: Save all files in a FrameMaker book in a single MIF file?


Hi group

Is there a way (MIF2Go, Framescript, Extendscript) to save all files in a 
FrameMaker book as a single MIF file?



Yves Barbion


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