Hi Klaus---
Is it safe to assume that the appearance and disappearance is not
(If it is, I'd look for installed fonts and system language differences.)
Are the char formats applied one on top of another (nested)? If so, there has
been issues with them getting stacked.
Also, is this just in FM, or when out put to PDF/paper/HTML?

Grant Hogarth

> On October 29, 2013 at 9:52 AM Klaus Daube <fr...@daube.ch> wrote:
> Dear all,
> In the FM documents (FM-9) of a customer a special symbol inside an x-ref
> format loses its font
> information - only from time to time, but quite frequently. The symbol is then
> displayed as 2
> rather than the page-symbol. Refreshing the screen with CTRL+l does not help.
> The only bypass is
> to save the document, close it and open it again. It happens on XP as well as
> on W7.
> The x-ref format:
> <X:CrossRef><$paranum>,\ <U:SpecialSymbols><U:Black>2<Default ¶
> Font><X:CrossRef>\ <$chapnum>-
> <$pagenum><Default ¶ Font>
> The character formats are:
> X:CrossRef Color blue, Pair Kern
> U:SpecialSymbols Wingdings, 9.0pt, others: as-is
> U:Black Color black, Pair Kern
> Could the reason be in the accumulation of character formats?
> Klaus Daube

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