Thanks, Jeremy. You're helpful as always.

More clarification: we're planning to just set up a button or a menu item in 
the VS-based user interface that triggers the help system, and the help system 
will run in its own application not in VS, so we shouldn't be forced to use MS 
Help Viewer.

And we weren't worried about OmniHelp losing files; we are worried about users 
going in and messing with them. Is there any way to lock them down?

We're very curious about using standalone Eclipse Help; has anyone here used it 
for a non-Eclipse-based product? If not, I'll take this question to the 
eclipse_tw group.

Fei Min

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On Thu, 21 Nov 2013 18:41:52 +0000, Fei Min Lorente <> 

>I've got documentation in structured FrameMaker 10 and Mif2Go. I've produced 
>Eclipse Help routinely in the past, but for the first time, we're creating a 
>user interface in Visual Studio. We want to integrate the Help so that a 
>button or menu item in the UI will open a Help window, complete with a table 
>of contents and search facility. An index would be nice, and context-sensitive 
>links to the documentation would be nice, but are lower priority.

If you want it to run within VS, you have only one choice:
the current MS Help Viewer.  The support group for it is 
<>; Rob Chandler runs it.  We have current 
customers producing it with Mif2Go.

More links to resources for it in the User's Guide, par. 7.1.1, "Considering 
Help-system features".

And I wouldn't worry about OmniHelp "losing files", LOL!
That use of small files is what makes it way faster than the alternatives.  
None ever get lost.  ;-)

But really, Help Viewer is the only one that works within VS as you want.  MS 
has made very sure of that.  <g>

-- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.

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