If you're keen to go back to school - try learning structured writing - FM is 
just the tool to start with doing that if you're already familiar with it.

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Subject: Is my beloved tool withering on the vine?

I have been a user of Framemaker since version 5.0....time flies.  I would like 
to get feedback from the group to see what your thoughts are regarding the 
tool.  I actually use Framemaker with both PatternStream and Mif2go. Given this 
tool set I am wondering if new tools like AuthorIt and Flare are worthy 
replacements.  Is it time for me to go back to school and learn yet another 

My use of frame maker is primarily for the creation and management of polices, 
procedures, training documents for multiple facilities. There has been a big 
push to get out documents standardized as much as possible. Any feedback would 
be appreciated.


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