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From: Fei Min Lorente <feimin.lore...@onsemi.com>
Date: Fri, November 22, 2013 10:53 am

And we weren't worried about OmniHelp losing files; we are worried about
users going in and messing with them. Is there any way to lock them

> Security through obscurity: how in the heck will anyone FIND the file that 
> they want to edit? :)
> More seriously, you could try applying read-only attribute tot he files after 
> generation (or as part of generation, with a script?). Doesn't guarantee no 
> tampering, but makes those folks who would try have to think twice.
> Also, perhaps your overall help system footer should have a "feedback" 
> button, which allows someone to email a suggestion for edit, tagged with the 
> topic ID/heading? Give folks a chance to pass the buck back to you, and you 
> should be able to mitigate any tendencies to hack/'fix' content outside of 
> normal change control.
> THAT said... doesn't your company have management who can say, "Hey, don't 
> hack the content! Contact Documentation"? If you have folks bypassing normal 
> change control, that fundamentally an operational breakdown, not something 
> you should have to programatically prevent.

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