Hi everyone
We're currently in the process of converting from Unstructured FrameMaker files 
to DITA using FrameMaker 11. 
The engineer who's working on the conversion has a question about 
cross-references. When he structures the document using the conversion table, 
he'd like to be able to save the Idref value for the cross-reference as an 
attribute in the element it is wrapped in. At the moment, when he structures 
the document, all he can manage is to wrap the text in a <xref> element.
If anyone's got any ideas about how to do this - or about how else to avoid 
having to manually re-create thousands of cross-refs - I'd be really grateful! 
The engineer's happy with scripting, esp Python, so it doesn't have to be a 
purely FM solution.
Thanks very much,

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