At 14:13 -0500 16/12/13, Waltermeyer, Brenda L. wrote:
>For a bullet list I use the following
>Bullet 1: round bullet
>                Auto numbering box: *\t(U)\s#\s#
>                When applied I get: * (U)
>Bullet 2: dash bullets
>                Auto numbering box: -\t(U)\s#\s#
>                When applied i get: -  (U)
>Bullet 3: square bullets (does not work)
>Auto numbering box: n\t(U)\s#\s#
>When applied, I get all ZapfDingbats symbols
>I have created a character tag for my bullet
>I tried to use default fount after the \t but no luck
>How do it get the square bullet to work and show the following text.
>                    n  (U)
>Without typing (U) after the square bullet style.

If I understand your problem correctly, you need to define character styles for 
all bullet symbols, then apply them in the autonumber part of the Paragraph 
Designer. So in this case you need a character style for Ding Zapfbats, or 
whatever it's called, then you just cite that in the Character Format field of 
the autonumber definition of your level three heading style.

AFAIR, FrameMaker uses the base font of the paragraph style for autonumbers 
unless told to do differently.

Or am I missing something?

Steve [Trim e-mails: use less disk, use less power, use less planet]

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