Hi Brenda,

Instead of a table with many rows, you could also
use a table with just a single cell. Move all your text
inside this table. The paragraph format should have
"Cell Vertical Alignment" set to Bottom.
Then set a tab stop so that you can left align your values.
Or do not use any tabs, e.g.:
Prepared By: XXXXX
Prepared For: XXXXX
Task No.: XXXXX

Then your text will be aligned to the bottom.

Best regards


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FrameMaker 9 (Unstructured)
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Is there a way to have a table grow from the bottom up, instead of top down?
For example:
The bottom row has a line at the bottom, this line is aligned with the bottom 
of a logo on the left side of the page.
I have a table that has 11 rows and each row is conditioned for Show/Hide.
When I hide the first row it moves the bottom of the table up. I want the 
bottom to say aligned with the bottom of the logo and the top of the table 
moves down.

Any idea? (FM file is attached for example only)
Thanks for the help in advance.

Brenda Waltermeyer
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