Thanks to all who responded. Printing to Adobe PDF and then distilling preserved xrefs and color.

Long-term this does not solve my problem. I want to prepare a book for Kindle, which requires dynamic pages and PDF is not a dynamic format. Kindle deprecates PDF because the conversion from PDF to Kindle doesn't retain all formatting features. Amazon recommends Word as source. The FM6-to-Word save-as feature completely loses xrefs and font information. They become, for example, "xrefparatextefault ΒΆ Font" with the xref text gone. And pictures are lost completely. The conversion from FM to Word may work better in later releases of FM, but the reason I don't buy a newer version is this is the only book I have in FrameMaker.

Even if this all worked, the point may still be moot. My book has upwards of 20 xrefs per page, and I don't believe Kindle books even support cross-references (other than possibly table of contents).

At 10:33 AM, Thursday, 12/19/2013, Michael Wiesenberg wrote:
Hello, I used to be a framers list member a long time ago. (You can tell how long by the version of FM I'm running.)

I'm trying to convert FM6 files to PDFs and retain xrefs. I use save-as-PDF. Unfortunately, this loses the color in the illustrations. (They become black-and-white.) I can see color in the PDFs by using print-to and specifying the printer as Adobe PDF, but this loses the xrefs. Can anyone tell me how to generate xrefs in the PDFs and also preserve color?

(Buying the latest version of FrameMaker is not an option for me.)




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