Greetings everyone,


I've created a book in FrameMaker, consisting of about 25 Frame files. There is 
nothing extraordinary about the book, just chapters,
mostly text, a ToC, an index, and some standard front matter. Using FM 8 on Win 


The book is to be printed in a 6"x9" format. In the Frame template, I used 8.5 
x 11 pages, then set the margins large enough, so
that the text, headers, footers, etc. would all fit perfectly inside a 6.9 
page, including the margins on the 6.9 page. I assumed
that a print shop would be able to take such a PDF file and put it on press on 
any machine that print shop has.  


Now, the print shop, with which I have no direct contact, apparently says it 
can't use that, wants me to convert the book to 6.9
pages. I say "apparently", because this is a game of telephone, and I actually 
have no idea what the print shop actually said.
Charming, eh? :)

1. Does my assumption, namely, that a print shop should be able to take the PDF 
I created and put it up on any reasonable press,
make sense? (I ask, because I need to decide whether I should "fix" this on my 
nickel or theirs. If I'm making a reasonable
assumption, then theirs; if not, then of course, mine.)

2. If I need to change the page size in FrameMaker and recreate the PDF, am I 
better off changing the template and importing it into
the existing book files, or am I better off changing the template and then 
pasting the content into the template, one chapter at a
time, resaving each file as I go? Or is there a third, better option? (It's a 
one-off project, no one is going to pay to automate
anything, whatever is done, will be done manually.) Also, if I end up doing 
this, is there something special I need to know WRT
Acrobat settings I would use in FrameMaker?


Thank you kindly,





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