Hi Elchanan,


Do you have Acrobat Pro? If so, there is a cropping tool that will allow you
to crop the PDF down to 6 x 9 without redoing it in FrameMaker. This should
be the simplest and best solution for your printer.


In general, you should always create your source document at the page size
that it is intended to be printed at. If your printer then requires crop
marks, you will be all set.


By the way, I like your name. It means "God is gracious."




Rick Quatro

Carmen Publishing Inc.

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Greetings everyone,


I've created a book in FrameMaker, consisting of about 25 Frame files. There
is nothing extraordinary about the book, just chapters, mostly text, a ToC,
an index, and some standard front matter. Using FM 8 on Win 7. 


The book is to be printed in a 6"x9" format. In the Frame template, I used
8.5 x 11 pages, then set the margins large enough, so that the text,
headers, footers, etc. would all fit perfectly inside a 6.9 page, including
the margins on the 6.9 page. I assumed that a print shop would be able to
take such a PDF file and put it on press on any machine that print shop has.


Now, the print shop, with which I have no direct contact, apparently says it
can't use that, wants me to convert the book to 6.9 pages. I say
"apparently", because this is a game of telephone, and I actually have no
idea what the print shop actually said. Charming, eh? :)

1. Does my assumption, namely, that a print shop should be able to take the
PDF I created and put it up on any reasonable press, make sense? (I ask,
because I need to decide whether I should "fix" this on my nickel or theirs.
If I'm making a reasonable assumption, then theirs; if not, then of course,

2. If I need to change the page size in FrameMaker and recreate the PDF, am
I better off changing the template and importing it into the existing book
files, or am I better off changing the template and then pasting the content
into the template, one chapter at a time, resaving each file as I go? Or is
there a third, better option? (It's a one-off project, no one is going to
pay to automate anything, whatever is done, will be done manually.) Also, if
I end up doing this, is there something special I need to know WRT Acrobat
settings I would use in FrameMaker?


Thank you kindly,





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