Hi Jack,


You can save the FM file as HTML and it will rasterize each anchored frame
and its contents as a single image. You can also use Mif2Go and get better
control out of the image quality. A third way is through FrameScript, which
would be handy if you want to do them one at a time and control the
filenames, save locations, etc. Or, a script could do them all at once and
derive the graphic name from the file name, etc. If you want to explore a
FrameScript solution, please let me know offlist. Thanks.




Rick Quatro

Carmen Publishing Inc.

585-366-4017 **NEW**





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Happy new year, Framers -


I have inherited some files that use FrameMaker shapes created using the
Graphics toolbar in FM10. I have FM 11, latest patches, on Win 7. I need to
get these out of Frame and into a graphic format suitable for WebHelp.  What
is the best way to get these graphics saved out? 


Thanks as always.


Jack DeLand, CSM | 734 972 3026 (cell) | jack.deland (skype) |



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