Umm, activation via Internet can be circumvented by calling Adobe and getting 
an activation from them. I'm pretty sure you can access the same help material 
as PDF or AIRHelp on your local firewalled install (same as it's been for a 
while now).

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Subject: Re: FrameMaker 12 released

I've taken a quick look at this new release.

a. There's still no right-to-left language support.

b. There's still the requirement for activation via internet, and the help 
pages reference material on web pages.
This makes the product impractical for customers on military/corporate grade 
networks with no internet access.

c. In Kapil VERMA's blog entry, there's a section about "Licensing options":
    'Furthermore, we are providing both perpetual and subscription licensing 
options on all our products. We do realize that the licensing needs of our 
customers vary and hence, we are offering both the options for you. There is 
also special upgrade pricing available as well as limited time promotional 
price for some customers. Please refer to the product homepages for exact 
pricing information (links below).'



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