I'm forwarding this for an ISTC member. If anyone can point me/her in the 
direction of more up-to-date material than I used quite a few years ago, it 
would be a great help.

I used the EDD training course from Scriptorium, but a quick scan of their 
website failed to reveal same. If anyone from Scriptorium is reading this, I'd 
be interested to know whether they still publish their training courses.

At 14:58 +0000 16/1/14, Liz Gregory wrote:
>I'm hoping one of you lovely people could point me in the direction of a good 
>guide on creating DTDs, EDDs, and master pages in structured FrameMaker. I'm 
>mostly using FM 10 but anything applicable for 9 or 11 I'm sure would be 
>helpful too. I've not found the Adobe help to be especially useful and 
>although I can get answers about specifics in the forums, I really want 
>something a bit more step-wise.
>I've been using FM10 for a while but with a really comprehensive package of 
>structure and tools from a client. I'd really like to learn more about 
>structure "under the hood" though so I can start building elegant DTDs of my 
>A book or blog or course or anything to get me started would be great - I 
>guess I know what it is that I want to create, it's the line between here and 
>finished that I just can't see at the moment!

Steve [Trim e-mails: use less disk, use less power, use less planet]

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