A few years ago while I was working for translation agencies, this would happen 
with Russian fonts, due to lack of Unicode support in FrameMaker 7. As I 
recall, our linguistic engineers had some utilities for converting Cyrillic 
characters back to non-Unicode font layouts. The main problem is FM 7's lack of 
Unicode support.


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Thank you for responding. The files were in 8 different languages and the 
Russian files were all in question marks.

We had a situation where our SDL (translation software) version had to be put 
to a FM ver 7 mif (which does not recognize Unicode) because SDL did not 
recognize FM11 mif. A while ago SDL advanced to recognize FM 11 mif. I didn't 
know and one of the Framers informed me to save file to FM11 mif, open mif in 
FM ver9 and save to .fm. It worked! Caution...make sure you either 
distinctively name the different versions or put them in differently named 

I would like to add, you have to delete the FM 11 book file and create a new 
book file in FM9, and always open the file from within the proper FM version.

Love our Framers...

Thanks everyone. Job done on time.

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