A correction (and apology to Adobe and you all) for an error below - thanks to 
Matt Sullivan for pointing it out!

Actually, I _did_ get one FM update from the license upgrade program that was 
in force at the time. According to my expense report info, I paid for the 2 
year Adobe license upgrade program in May of 2011 and then bought the version 
10 upgrade in June 2011 since it was already released. I received the FM 11 
license update probably in August of 2012 (not sure of the exact date) when it 
was released.

In May of 2013, the 2 year upgrade program expired and I was not able to renew 
it last year (as mentioned in my posts prior to that time) since a single 
license use was no longer eligible for this program when I went to inquire 
about it.

Also, as I have mentioned below but will re-iterate, that the upgrade or 
subscription pricing may make sense for some people, but it does not for _my_ 
specific needs anymore.

Yeah, I would love to continue to use FrameMaker, but $399 for upgrades is too 
high - the older upgrades at $199 were more easily justifiable. I will simply 
use FM 11 for maintaining my old documents (as Robert Lauriston as mentioned 
that I should do) and have already switched to LaTeX for all my new work. The 
price and upgrade "costs" of LaTeX - after a 2 month learning curve - are 
infinitely better for _my_ needs! :)


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Robert Lauriston said:
> If you buy a subscription and don't renew at the end of the year, the license 
> is invalid and FrameMaker stops working.

> If you buy the $1000 full version or a $400 or $600 upgrade, the license is 
> perpetual. The only thing that expires is the support agreement.

> I don't see why anyone would abandon FrameMaker just because the upgrades are 
> a bad value.

I don't plan to do the subscription model for FrameMaker 12 either. It does not 
make sense for me - even if I were continuing with FrameMaker.

It only makes _some_ sense for new users of FrameMaker, or folks still on 
versions _prior_ to version 10, where the "upgrade" cost of $999 is the same as 
full price.

For example, after two years, the cost (24 * $29.99 = $719.76) is _much_ higher 
than the cost of a single upgrade to FM 12 from FM 11. And, after three years, 
it would be more than the list price of a full license.

Here, I used 2 years as a duration model. Although it would probably be longer 
and more expensive, since upgrades for FrameMaker don't seem to occur every 
year now. Else I would have gotten at least one - sigh - during my 2 years 
"license upgrade" contract that expired before FM 12 was released.



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