I’m a TCS user, currently running TCS 3.5. I didn’t do the TCS 4.0 upgrade. The 
cost of upgrading from v3.5 to v5 is $1200! Count me out.

I recently switched from Captivate to Camtasia because Adobe would have charged 
me full price to upgrade just that component of the Technical Communications 
Suite — as though I weren’t a registered Captivate user at all. 

Re: Creative Suite — I, too, have stopped upgrading with CS6 and so have my 
corporate clients. Not at all interested in the cloud model.

I’ve been using Adobe products from the beginning: Photoshop 1, Illustrator 88. 
Still have those apps and the original slipcases (remember when software came 
in a nice slipcase — with a manual no less!). But Adobe now seems contemptuous 
of its users. It’s all about what works for them, users be damned. Very 


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