It may seem like contempt, but I think they're just clueless.

They have a lot of products that have been mature for a long time, so
they have little to offer users to justify upgrading.

They have a lot of employees with stale skill sets and it's not a
company where someone with top skills would want to work. I overheard
a conversation in a restaurant in which an Adobe employee was talking
about how it was a great place to be while she figured out what to do
next in her career because they were paying her $150K and she didn't
really have to do anything.

Maybe they're not even clueless. In 2013, per SEC filings, Adobe
insiders sold 9 million shares and bought 5,000.

On Sat, Jan 18, 2014 at 10:38 AM, D L Reynolds <> wrote:
> Adobe now seems contemptuous of its users. It’s all about what works for 
> them, users be damned. Very disappointing.

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