At 09:07 -0600 19/1/14, Craig Ede wrote:

>Hmmm, I know I used it for searches in that version. Let me look into it on
>my old laptop.
>For FM 10 it's \f. Wildcards don't have to be on.

This is getting more interesting. \f does work in FrameMaker 7, but it only 
finds some instances of the '.\f' combo I'm trying to find.

However - and it's a big 'however' - the source came from Word, and the 
instances of '.\f' that FrameMaker *is* finding are those I've typed, but not 
those that came from Word. My guess is that - for the Word-sourced material - 
what looks like a period/end of flow on screen is something else, and/or has 
some invisible Word-type-crud after the period but before the end of the flow. 
And copying them from the document to the Find field doesn't work either: 
copy/pasting the period alone works, but doesn't work when '\f' is added to the 
find string.

Probably the best way to sort this is to de-table the lot, MIF-wash it and 
re-table it all again, but it's Sunday...

So the bottom line is that '\f' is what I was looking for - the Word crud is my 
problem. So double thanks ;-)


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