At 09:13 -0500 20/1/14, Fred Ridder wrote:

>Are either of you using Rick Quatro's TableCleaner plug-in?

Nope. All those wonderful plug-ins will become available to me when I get a box 
that will run my copy of FrameMaker 10 (trip to local Apple Store to talk to a 
guru scheduled for March).

Authors don't have any contact with FrameMaker, and I'm still using 7 for Mac. 
(And boy has it earned it's keep!)

> At my last employer about a decade ago (my, how time files when you're having 
> fun...) I converted well over 10K pages of legacy Word documentation to 
> FrameMaker and I know I could never have done it without Rick's plug-in. It 
> got rid of all sorts of Word-specific cruft and dealt with the way Frame 
> imported every Word table with the "custom ruling and shading" flag set so 
> that you wouldn't get the expected results when you applied a Frame table 
> style. And it did it all in a single step.

I'm sure Rick is happy to read this ;-)

Generally - and perhaps fortunately - my source material tends not to be 
table-heavy. The table that started this thread was one that I created here, as 
it's a convenient way of handling reference lists. Or would be, if FrameMaker 7 
didn't suffer from the bug that strips xref markers when you sort a table. (Has 
this gone from later versions, I wonder?)


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