I think you need the Italic version of that font - you just have the Regular 
and Bold font files apparently. With old Adobe Type 1 fonts, for example, there 
were multiple separate files for each "font" set that needed to be available.

For example, my old "Helvetica", "Helvetica-Black" and "Helvetica-Narrow" fonts 
are these - with oblique, bold and bold-oblique versions. And there are the 
associated files font metric files (AFM, PFM) and font info files (INF) for 
each of these, in sub-directories, for the system to read.

C:\Home\sys\psf>dir hv*

Volume in drive C is Disk_C

Volume Serial Number is 5CD9-F6B7

Directory of C:\Home\sys\psf

05/01/1990  07:00 AM            42,905 HVBLO___.PFB

05/01/1990  07:00 AM            31,808 HVBL____.PFB

05/27/1996  10:22 PM            38,586 HVBO____.PFB

05/27/1996  10:22 PM            29,276 HVB_____.PFB

05/01/1990  07:00 AM            28,393 HVK_____.PFB

05/01/1990  07:00 AM            35,815 HVLO____.PFB

05/01/1990  07:00 AM            27,333 HVL_____.PFB

05/01/1990  07:00 AM            38,606 HVNBO___.PFB

05/01/1990  07:00 AM            38,572 HVNB____.PFB

05/01/1990  07:00 AM            38,073 HVNO____.PFB

05/01/1990  07:00 AM            38,037 HVN_____.PFB

05/27/1996  10:22 PM            38,053 HVO_____.PFB

05/27/1996  10:22 PM            28,777 HV______.PFB

              13 File(s)        454,234 bytes

So, I'd suggest asking the client for the Italic (or Oblique) file for that 
proprietary font. You may also need the Bold-Italic (or Bold-Oblique) version 
files too.


Tammy Van Boening wrote:

?  All,

?  A client is insisting on using a proprietary font in the source FM files 
despite my best attempts to keep them vanilla with Times New Roman and Arial. 
They have supplied me with two font sets for this font - one is Regular weight 
(to be used for any paragraph tags that are non-Heading tags) and a Bold weight 
(to be used for any paragraph tags that are Heading tags).  I have several 
character formats in my catalog that I want to be able to continue to use. One 
of these tags is Emphasis. All properties for the tag are set to As Is with the 
exception of the angle, which I have set to Italic.

?  When I apply this tag to any paragraph tags that are non-Heading tags (i.e., 
the tags use the regular weight version of this proprietary font), the tag is 
apparently not applied. The font angle does not change, and in the lower left 
corner of the page identifying what tags are being used, I see Emphasis with an 
asterisk in front of it (*Emphasis).  I thought that maybe I had corrupted the 
tag somehow, so I applied the same tag to some text that used simply good old 
Times New Roman font in the same document, and voila, the text was immediately 
italicized and the tag showed Emphasis without an asterisk.

?  I have not really ever had to use proprietary fonts before in a FM source 
file, so I am obviously missing something behind the use of such fonts that is 
preventing character tags from being applied as expected.

?  Any guidance/assistance is greatly appreciated.

?  Regards,

?  TVB

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