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F and L - point to the first/last page of the FM document (with an
additional book component number, eg F2 and L2 for first/last pages of the
second book component when a book is converted to a single PDF)

I - index markers

M - markers, further identified by type (eg M8 for hypertext markers)

P - page numbers

G - reflect the unique ID for the paragraph in FrameMaker

E - element-related (Structured FM)


Most of the destinations are used as target for links or bookmarks, and are
not meant to be directly useful.


Shlomo Perets


"TW comments that cannot be ignored!" webinar, January 23



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Hi. I am looking for information regarding the Named Destinations that
FrameMaker (I use Frame v10) generates when creating a PDF. Specifically,
I'd like to verify/know what the following prefixes mean. I have tried to
ascertain what the designations mean by clicking on them in the PDF, but
some aren't as obvious as others. 

F (as is F#): This appears to mean the First page of a Frame file, confirmed
by my clicking on the destination link, and per a reference on the Adobe
User-to-User forum. 

G (as in G#.#######): This one perplexes me. It seems to be random
paragraphs. I did find someone on the Adobe User-to-User forums who wrote
that G destinations meant paragraph objects. 

I (I#.#.#######): Are these for Index markers? 

L (L#): This appears to mean the Last page of a Frame file. 

M (M#.#.#####.[figures, tables, headings, etc. tag names followed by the
title): Various Markers in the file (also identified as such by an Adobe
U-to-U forum poster)? 

P (P.#$##, where $ is a Letter in my generated PDF: P.3C15): I have no idea.


Eric Isaacson


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