FontCreator is a LOT cheaper than contracting a font designer, if you already have the art and just need it put into a font file. (It's tantamount to hiring an architect just to do drafting... or hiring a technical writer just to copy & paste between two applications. ;) )

DIY, I say....
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Subject: OT: looking for a font designer
From: Yves Barbion <>
Date: Mon, January 20, 2014 10:56 am

Hi group

I've got Illustrator EPS vector graphics which I use as icons for notes, warnings, tips etc. I'd like to create a custom (OpenType) font for these icons, so I can create a character format and use that in my autonumbering.

So, I'm looking for a professional font designer/developer who can do this. Any ideas/suggestions/recommendations?


Yves Barbion

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