Hi Tammy,

I think they have gone a long way to clearing up the horrible and hard-to-debug 
problems that used to result from that configuration, but Dov still warns 
against it.  I guess one question I would have is why would you want/need to do 

(I actually can think of a reason or two myself, but at least the rendering 
engine parts of the two programs are the same, so it will "look" the same in 
Acrobat as it does in Reader.")

-- garyZ

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I have heard on many  occasions that you should not have Adobe Acrobat Pro and 
Adobe Reader installed on the same client, but I need to test something in 
Reader before I  pass a PDF off and all three of my available systems already 
have Adobe Acrobat Pro loaded. Is it possible to load Reader at all just for 
some brief testing and then uninstall it after the testing is complete, or will 
I encounter any issues by doing this?

Thank you,


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