Rick Quatro said:
> Excellent point by Syed. Another point that is easy to miss in this 
> discussion: If all of Adobe's products had the level of quality control that 
> FrameMaker has (long-standing and new bugs, outdated and incomplete 
> documentation, etc.), Adobe certainly wouldn't be as successful as it is.

Indeed, yes! It is the small users loyal to FrameMaker, despite of the above, 
who have stayed with the product for a long time. Larger corporations will make 
decisions to switch tools if they encounter issues or cost concerns - even if 
their employees may say or want otherwise.

> In my opinion, FrameMaker's upgrade pricing is way too high


> especially for those who got stuck with FrameMaker 9. Adobe should be 
> especially generous with previous version users to keep them in the fold. 

I suspect that this generosity is unlikely - this is probably one of the groups 
of people that Adobe wants to move over to the subscription model, by forcing 
them to either spend $999 for an "upgrade" or make them think that the annual 
contract with monthly payments is a better deal. 

> Also, at $400, I doubt if FrameMaker XML Author is going to be able to 
> compete with other XML editors out there. The idea is fantastic, but the cost 
> needs to be around $100-150 a seat.

Yes. There are already lower-cost (many free too) XML editor products that work 
very well. Although some are expensive too ... like Oxygen at $423 a seat.

> No disrespect intended for Max or Kapil, just the way I see it.

Agreed! I hope I have been clear about that too ... if not, thanks for 
emphasizing it. :) I fault the Adobe pricing policy folks for the stupidities 
over the past few years ... of $399 upgrades - some of which should have been 
treated as bug fix releases, IMHO. 


Maxwell Hoffman said:
> For another viewpoint, Adobe was just named in the top 100 companies 
> to work for by Fortune. Our 2013 revenues considerably exceeded 
> projections. So "somebody" out there is happy with Adobe.  ;-)

Perhaps. :) But, at what cost?

The unhappy ones are probably the small users - like myself - who helped 
FrameMaker become what it is and Adobe *clearly* does not care about us 
anymore. That is unlike the founders of Frame Technology who I met many years 
ago ... and the founders of Adobe too, I would hope!

Financial success by large companies is not the only measure of success that 
matters. It is why in my 35+ years of work, I have chosen to do many small 
startups and try to only work for small companies. My current startup (I was 
one of the founders) now has 80 employees and I bet that, *collectively*, we 
are a happier bunch of people than all the folks at Adobe. But we will
*never* make those top lists due to our tiny size! :)

FWIW, the largest company I ever worked for was Analog Devices (helped their 
small 60 person semiconductor division grow large ... my first job out of 
college). Even there, supporting small customers was a matter of pride for us - 
an *individual* could buy a single part from them directly when I worked there.



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