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Often a writer will want to ask for clarification, ask for approval for a
change the writer has initiated, or add a comment about a missing item for
future reference. However, SMEs and reviewers do not always notice/respond
to such notes -- which of course leads to additional iterations and

This webinar demonstrates how to create a dedicated paragraph format in
FrameMaker, to be used to insert questions and comments. The style has a
unique design intended to make the TW question/comment stand out. You can
include automatic numbering to help identify a specific item. In addition,
you can create a list of all TW comments as a generated file. 
Yet even with all of these techniques, writer's comments tend to be

The solution is to have these comments automatically appear as comments in
the PDF, raising visibility and helping the SME/reviewer to jump from one
comment to the next in the PDF. 

Optional: a message indicating the number/location of open TW notes can be
displayed when the PDF is closed (through the DocWillClose action)


(no add-ons necessary)



Shlomo Perets



FrameMaker/Acrobat/Captivate training & consulting * FM-to-Acrobat



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