Guys, you keep emphasizing that I used a quote of Dov's from 10 years ago-- and I did (9 years ago, actually). But I also included one other quote and a link to third message in the same post. These were from times more recent. One was from 2010, which was only one version back in Acrobat. I'd call that a recent quote. I'm also sure I've seen Dov say similar later, I just couldn't quickly find a quote to include.

Anyway, do what you want regarding mixing Acrobat and Reader, but it's not really fair to grab the oldest quote of three and claim it makes all the advice old.


On 1/23/2014 6:05 AM, Davis, David wrote:
I'd echo Syed's point here -
We Tech Pubs folk have a habit of repeating something Dov Isaac's said over a 
decade ago like it's some kind of holy writ,
but 10 computer years is about a century in real years ;) Things may well (and 
certainly ought to) have changed since then.


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