I had several awesome offlist responses and in a nutshell, armed with this 
information, I called the Font maker/vendor and walked him through the changes 
that I needed and he willingly made the changes to the font files for the files 
to work in applications that rely on a Windows OS for enumeration, etc. He said 
that he never knew of these requirements for these fonts so he was very willing 
to make the changes and learn new stuff.


All is good in  my little font world now.


Again, thank you for all the help. The contributors to this list rock.




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I apologize for my misspelling. I didn't pay attention to auto-correct before I 
sent my reply. Again, thank you for your input.




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Hi Tina,


Thank you! I did check with the font dealer directly and he even sent me the 
newest font files and I installed those and  I still the exact same issue as 
you! I worked for over an hour with him and he claimed that he never had 
encountered this problem before and he couldn't help me any further as I had 
the latest font files.


Thank you so much for confirming this for me.


I appreciate the information.




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Hi Tammy,

to check your problem I had to buy one font style, I choose the "Breuer Text 
regular" font.

Now, after checking the font info, it is clearly a mistake in the font 
definition. Although the style name is "Regular", the font weight is set to 

If this is a problem, you should contact your font dealer or the maker of the 
font. Of course the setting could be modified with a font program, but this 
would be against license agreements, I guess.

best regards -

Tino H. Haida, Berlin (Germany)


Tammy Van Boening:


I am having a doozy of a time with fonts in Framemaker and I am hoping that if 
I provide a detailed description of the problem, someone can point me in the 
right direction. This >>SHOULD<< be Fonts 101, but I give. Here is the summary:

·       I have purchased four fonts directly from the font maker. The fonts are 
Breuer Text Regular, Breuer Text Regular Italic, Breuer Text Bold, and Breuer 
Text Bold Italic.  

·       There are other fonts in this family with "Medium" in their names, such 
as Breuer Text Regular Medium, Breuer Text Medium Italic, etc.  

·       There are 8 font styles in all in this family, and they are style-linked

·       I have purchased and installed only the four fonts that I listed in my 
first bullet. I have not ever installed any of the Medium fonts or any of the 
other fonts, so style-linking should not be an issue.

·       After installing these four fonts, I see this in my C:\Windows\Fonts 
directory - Medium, Medium Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic. Note that the Regular 
fonts are actually being renamed automatically to Medium upon installation. I 
did not do this manually. 

·       When I open the top level Breuer Text font folder, I see four 
individual detailed font folders - one named Medium, one named Medium Italic, 
one named Bold and one named Bold Italic.

·       If I open either of the Medium folders, the file name in the title bar 
still reads as BreuerText-Regular. otf or BreuerTextItalic-Regular.

·       When I create a paragraph tag in FM named BodyItalic, I select Breuer 
Text as the Font Family, and then for the angle, I select Italic, which should 
just switch the Regular font with the Regular Italic font, but boom. . .  the 
weight is also set to Bold immediately.  For the weight characteristic, there 
is a Regular option, so I try to select that and click Update All, but the 
angle is immediately reset to Bold and I cannot change it. Anytime I try to set 
the angle for any paragraph tag that uses the Breuer text to Italic, FM 
automatically sets the weight to Bold as well. 

·       I opened a Word doc., typed in some text in Breuer text, and then 
manually applied the Italic character. In Word, the text is only italicized. It 
is NOT bolded. I have to manually apply the Bold in Word.

·       If I use just Regular Breuer text in FM, and don't screw with the 
angle, the weight remains Regular. It does not get bolded.


I have tried rebooting, clearing my font cache, rebooting again and I still 
this issue in Framemaker with this danged Breuer text. I tried uninstalling the 
Breuer text, clearing my font cache, reinstalling and still the same issue. The 
Regular text gets loaded and installed with "Medium" in the name in the Fonts 
directory and in FM., anytime I try to italicize a paragraph tag, it gets 
bolded as well. 

This is really screwing up my docs., obviously, as I don't want all italicized 
text to be bolded.


Any and all advice is sincerely appreciated.






Tammy Van Boening


Spectrum Writing, LLC



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