Hi Tammy, 

to check your problem I had to buy one font style, I choose the "Breuer
Text regular" font. 

Now, after checking the font info, it is clearly a mistake in the font
definition. Although the style name is "Regular", the font weight is set
to "medium". 

If this is a problem, you should contact your font dealer or the maker
of the font. Of course the setting could be modified with a font
program, but this would be against license agreements, I guess. 

best regards - 

Tino H. Haida, Berlin (Germany) 

Tammy Van Boening: 

> All, 
> I am having a doozy of a time with fonts in Framemaker and I am hoping that 
> if I provide a detailed description of the problem, someone can point me in 
> the right direction. This >>SHOULD<< be Fonts 101, but I give. Here is the 
> summary: 
> · I have purchased four fonts directly from the font maker. The fonts are 
> Breuer Text Regular, Breuer Text Regular Italic, Breuer Text Bold, and Breuer 
> Text Bold Italic. 
> · There are other fonts in this family with "Medium" in their names, such as 
> Breuer Text Regular Medium, Breuer Text Medium Italic, etc. 
> · There are 8 font styles in all in this family, and they are style-linked 
> · I have purchased and installed only the four fonts that I listed in my 
> first bullet. I have not ever installed any of the Medium fonts or any of the 
> other fonts, so style-linking should not be an issue. 
> · After installing these four fonts, I see this in my C:WindowsFonts 
> directory - Medium, Medium Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic. Note that the 
> Regular fonts are actually being renamed automatically to Medium upon 
> installation. I did not do this manually. 
> · When I open the top level Breuer Text font folder, I see four individual 
> detailed font folders - one named Medium, one named Medium Italic, one named 
> Bold and one named Bold Italic. 
> · If I open either of the Medium folders, the file name in the title bar 
> still reads as BreuerText-Regular. otf or BreuerTextItalic-Regular. 
> · When I create a paragraph tag in FM named BodyItalic, I select Breuer Text 
> as the Font Family, and then for the angle, I select Italic, which should 
> just switch the Regular font with the Regular Italic font, but boom. . . the 
> weight is also set to Bold immediately. For the weight characteristic, there 
> is a Regular option, so I try to select that and click Update All, but the 
> angle is immediately reset to Bold and I cannot change it. Anytime I try to 
> set the angle for any paragraph tag that uses the Breuer text to Italic, FM 
> automatically sets the weight to Bold as well. 
> · I opened a Word doc., typed in some text in Breuer text, and then manually 
> applied the Italic character. In Word, the text is only italicized. It is NOT 
> bolded. I have to manually apply the Bold in Word. 
> · If I use just Regular Breuer text in FM, and don't screw with the angle, 
> the weight remains Regular. It does not get bolded. 
> I have tried rebooting, clearing my font cache, rebooting again and I still 
> this issue in Framemaker with this danged Breuer text. I tried uninstalling 
> the Breuer text, clearing my font cache, reinstalling and still the same 
> issue. The Regular text gets loaded and installed with "Medium" in the name 
> in the Fonts directory and in FM., anytime I try to italicize a paragraph 
> tag, it gets bolded as well. 
> This is really screwing up my docs., obviously, as I don't want all 
> italicized text to be bolded. 
> Any and all advice is sincerely appreciated. 
> Tammy Van Boening 
> Owner/Principal 
> Spectrum Writing, LLC 
> tamm...@spectrumwritingllc.com 
> www.spectrumwritingllc.com 
> 303-840-1755

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