Craig Ede wrote:

> I'd love to see all the old Mac shortcut keys to the interface (substituting 
> Ctrl
> for the Apple key) as keystroke options.

You can add or modify any shortcut you want. 
In the folder FrameMaker\fminit\configui you can find a couple of files that 
contain all of the shortcuts. 
The instructions are no longer included with newer versions of FrameMaker. IIRC 
Frame 7 included a PDF with instructions. 

You can either modify the existing files, or (better) create a file named 

This should contain entries in the vein of:
<Modify CharacterDefaultPgfFont <KeySequence /F8>>
<Modify ZoomIn  <KeySequence ^ i>>
<Modify ZoomOut <KeySequence ^ u>>

'CharacterDefaultPgfFont' is a string you can find in the other .cfg files. 
Find the string for the command you want to modify, and create a line in 

;the semicolon indicates a comment
modifier keys: + for Shift, ^ for Control, ~ for Alt, \ for Esc

Harro de Jong

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