At 17:21 +0000 31/1/14, Bain, Thomas wrote:

>You almost have it. In the index marker, use <Bold>, assuming you have a 
>character tag named Bold set to what you want for emphasis. For example: First 
>Aid:Situations<Bold>. This will only apply to the page number for this 
>particular entry.

Ah.. right: character tag for page number goes last in entry, right?

I've got some character tags in the markers, thus:

[Marker] <chartag>entry<default para font>

...for the entries, as I want some of them formatted specially. If I read you 
right, this should change to:

[Marker] <chartag>entry<bold>


[Marker] <chartag>entry<default para font><bold>

if I just want a page number in bold?


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