Are you sure you don't have errant text somewhere else on the master page(s)
or even on the body pages themselves? Occasionally, empty text boxes are
mistakenly put on pages by clicking with the text tool (not the text box
tool). These will cause pages not to be deleted even though the text box
itself is empty.


If you go to Format>Layout>Apply Master Pages you will get an error that
should help you track these down.


Remember that if text boxes are not part of an autoflow, the pages will not
automatically delete.




[] On Behalf Of Lisa Freeman
Sent: Wednesday, February 05, 2014 10:33 AM
Subject: Master Page vs Body Page Text Boxes - How to Auto-Delete Blanks?


Hello Fellow Framers,


I am having a dilemma with Master Page Issues.


FrameMaker 10, Structured. I've been using FrameMaker for 15 years and never
run across this issue.


The left and right master pages have a text box in the footer area set to be
editable on the body pages. This is needed to track various revision dates.
When tags are displayed and edited, etc., more pages are added to
accommodate the expansion of data as they normally would be. But, when the
tags are turned off and it's time to create the output file (either printed
or PDF), the additional pages cannot be deleted because Frame doesn't see
them as "Empty".  The text box from the master pages is still on each of the
additional pages.


The pagination is set to "Delete Empty Pages". I have tried creating a blank
master page with and without the same and different text flows, tried
disconnecting the pages, and every other trick I know.


Maybe I've just been looking at this for too long, but if anyone can point
out something obvious that I am missing, please help! 


Thanks in Advance!



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