Hi group

I'm using FrameMaker 11 with DITA-FMx 1.1.18c to generate FrameMaker files
from DITA maps. Sometimes, when inline elements are used, the font size is
incorrect in the generated Fm files. Some examples:

   - The default font size of list items (paratag "ul.bullet") is 9 pt. If
   two keywords are used in this list item, however, the (regular) text
   between these two keywords is 10 pt instead of 9 pt. The same happens when
   the ph element is used: the text after the ph element is also 10 pt instead
   of 9.
   - The default font size of text in a table cell is 8 pt. If a keyword is
   used in a list item in a table cell, however, the font size is 10 pt
   instead of 8. And if a uicontrol element is used in a table cell, the font
   size is 9 pt instead of 8.

I checked the EDD:

   - The uicontrol element uses the "ui.control" character format, so I
   think/hope this can easily be fixed, just by not specifying the font size
   for this character format in the character designer.
   - The ph and keyword elements have TextRangeFormatting > TextRange in
   all contexts, but I don't have any idea how we can fix this problem.

I think I have seen similar posts about this problem earlier, so I think it
must be a FrameMaker bug.

Any suggestions?

Yves Barbion

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