And, here, by the way, is a decent-to-good example of how documentation, etc., 
can be collected in one place for many versions:

(I don't classify it as an excellent example because it only covers the 
Scripting topics (but not the other documentation) for the product. That other 
stuff would have been excellent too!)

Can the FrameMaker team do something simple and consistently like this too? For 
all the available documentation (for versions other than 12 too), script files, 
whatever, etc.?


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A sorta related question: the Adobe ExtendScript Tookkit (ESTK) was available 
as a stand-alone download in version 3.5:

As of version 3.8, it _looks_ like it is only available if you have a Creative 
Cloud membership license?

Is that a correct assessment of what I see on this page: where it says "The latest version of 
ExtendScript Toolkit (ESTK 3.8) is available with Creative Suite 6", but 
clicking on the link takes you to the Creative Cloud main page?

(There is no link on that page for FrameMaker, by the way ... which is not 
totally surprising since reference to FrameMaker is quite absent from a number 
of pages at where it should be more prominently positioned, IMHO.)


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Subject: ExtendScript "Scripting Guide Adobe FrameMaker ..."

Does anyone know if a new version of this guide is available:

A search of their site did not find any version 11 or version 12 guide ... 
Adobe needs to place documentation (and appropriate links) more consistently on 
their web-site. 



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