I just found the answer here:

In W 8.1 "Use Windows XP style DPI scaling" checkbox in the Custom DPI
Setting dialog has been removed.


So you need to do this for every program:

Right-click on icon before opening program

Properties tab

Compatibility tab

check "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" box


Works fine for FM7, 10 and Acrobat Pro

:-} Ragnar


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I just upgraded to a new computer with W 8.1 and installed FM 7.2 and FM 10.
Both have fuzzy fonts in the documents AND file names in book files, text
boxes, menus etc. I also noted that when I open a pdf in IE 11 the text is
crystal sharp. But if I save this file and open it in Acrobat X, the fonts
are fuzzy. Text in Office 2013 is sharp. So it seems the fonts are
interpreted differently in different programs. I remember in XP there could
be an issue with blurry fonts that was cleared by going to Display
Properties -> Appearance -> Effects and then unchecking the top 2 boxes
(transition effects and smooth edges). Any ideas how to change the settings
in W8? I tried to uncheck “smooth edges of screen fonts” under performance
options, but this had no effect. On my previous W7, the fonts in FM turned
sharp when I selected “Adjust for best performance”, but then the whole
display of Windows changes.


Ragnar Hanas

Uddevalla Hospital



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