Hi Brenda
Fonts can lurk all over the place (we found one in an unused table
caption definition once - aargh). Check whether *most* of your text has
changed to the new fonts. If so, I think you're on the right track by
playing with the settings in the maker.ini file, but I'm no expert on
eexactly what changes to make.

>>> "George, Brenda (CAI)" <bgeo...@federatedinv.com> 5/03/14 08:57

My office recently upgraded to FrameMaker 11 in a Windows 7
environment. We previously used FrameMaker 8 | Windows XP.
We are in the process of replacing the following fonts:
Zapf Dingbats
With the following:
Courier New
ITC Zapf Dingbats Std Medium
I am having problems with Zapf Dingbats being replaced with ITC Zapf
Dingbats Std Medium. I have used the FrameMaker 11 fonts pod to update
these fonts for all of the appropriate FrameMaker files.
We use an automated process to create the FrameMaker files. The process
involves importing XML feeds into Structured FrameMaker 11 using an
automated process. After the XML has been imported, it is fully
formatted in FrameMaker 11. After I select the xml file to import and
the automated process is about to import the xml file into FrameMaker
11, the FrameMaker console is displaying this message:
The “Zapfdingbats” font is not available. 
It will be replaced by “AdobePiStd”.
The “Zapfdingbats” font is not available. 
It will be replaced by “AdobePiStd”.
The “Courier” font is not available. 
It will be replaced by “Courier New”.
When I view the fonts in this newly created FrameMaker 11 file in the
font pod, the “AdobePiStd” font is displayed as part of the fonts in
this file. I did update the Zapf Dingbats occurrences in the FrameMaker
template to ITC Zapf Dingbats Std Medium and I updated all of the other
systems files as well. I did update the FrameMaker Edd.
I looked at the maker.ini file and I noticed the following code:
; Font Entries Added in Frame 8 due to Font Set Changes
Zapfdingbats, *,*= Adobe Pi Std,*,*
In the automated process that I am using, when the xml feed is about to
be imported is this line of code causing FrameMaker 11 to override the
font changes that I made to all of the FrameMaker 11 files? Should I
change this line of code to this in order to fix the problem:
Zapfdingbats, *,*= ITC Zapf Dingbats Std,*,*
Any help that you can give me will be appreciated.
Brenda George
Desk: (724) 720-8491
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