This is a stretch .. but if anyone knows it'll be someone on this list. I'm looking for information on the differences between the basic functionality of the conditional build expressions in FM from FM8 to FM12.

From the UI functionality perspective, it looks like FM8 and FM9 are the same, then in FM10 a "label" was added so you could give your build expression a name. FM10 and FM11 look the same, and in FM12 they added a "()" button to allow for grouping.

The docs are woefully lacking on details.

Was the basic functionality and syntax the same from FM8 to FM11? Is the "()" (grouping) feature actually new in FM12 or was that allowed previously, but you just had to know to type it? I must admit that I've never really used this feature, but would like to leverage it in a plugin, so need to know which aspects are new and which have been there since FM8.

Any tidbits of info are appreciated.




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