Lots of discussion on the FM Adobe forums about creating responsive HTML5 & 
other forms of output straight out of FM. But why wait? Just grab a 
non-production machine & suck down the FM12 trial (it’s the same as the real 
one) & play around with it for 30 days – remember to perform updates right away 
as there’s already FM12 patches out there.

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Subject: Generating web pages out of FM

A message from a Doubting Thomas: We read Adobe's assertion, that with the 
latest version of FM we become able to transform our files directly into 
good-looking web pages. However, this isn't the first time the corporation has 
claimed this for its product and with earlier versions of FM it simply was not 
true. Now the latest version of FM has been available for some months and yet 
we haven't seen anyone claim on this discussion list, that this time they have 

We're standing by, to purchase a new PC with the latest Microsoft operating 
system and such, on which to install this latest FM version. Funding has been 
approved and we're ready to go to town! --But, we're hesitant. A scalded dog 
runs away from dishwater.

What gives? Has anyone actually done this yet? Has anyone now been able to 
directly transform their FM files into good-looking web pages? Can someone 
provide the URL for an example of this?

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