Dear Framers,

I am on the hunt for learning how to integrate HunSpell dictionaries into FrameMaker 11, for languages such as Icelandic.

According to the FrameMaker 11 Upgrade Guide:
"Hunspell dictionary" is available, as is "Configurable dictionary support".
I guess these "features" mean that Adobe provides the dictionaries, and you can select whether you want to want to use the HunSpell, or the Proximity version dictionaries.

I took a look at the InDesign help page:
and so I created my "is_IS" folder in:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Linguistics\6.2\Providers\Plugins2\AdobeHunspellPlugin\Dictionaries\
and in which I copied my "is_IS.aff" and "is_IS.dic" files.
I then added the "<string>is_IS</string>" text into the Spelling Service section of the Info.plist file.

Is there anything I'm missing?
or ... */Does anyone know if it is possible to integrate new HunSpell dictionaries into FrameMaker11?/*

// Simon BUCH -- M-AIS


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